OpenWeave is an open-source project. Use the following resources if you need help using, or contributing to, Openweave.


Community forum

Use the openweave-users Google Group to discuss OpenWeave and ask questions. This is the best place to get direct feedback from the OpenWeave team.

Bugs and feature requests

If you discover a code or documentation bug, or have a request for an enhancement, please submit it to the Issue Tracker of the appropriate GitHub repository within the OpenWeave GitHub organization.

If you discover a bug in the documentation, use the "Send Feedback" button found in the upper-right of every site page. Alternatively, if the page is sourced from GitHub, feel free to submit a pull request to fix it there.

Stack Overflow

Questions can also be posted on Stack Overflow using the openweave tag.


We would love for you to contribute to OpenWeave and help make it even better than it is today! See the Contribution Guidelines on GitHub for more information.

Documentation contributions

Documentation is primarily hosted on GitHub and mirrored to through an automated process. Contribute all documentation to the appropriate OpenWeave GitHub repository directly, or open an issue in the Issue Tracker if you have questions about a proposed contribution. A member of the OpenWeave team will work with you to get your content reviewed in GitHub and added to the site if necessary.