A secure and reliable communications backbone for the connected home.


OpenWeave is an open-source implementation of the Weave network application layer, the secure, reliable communications backbone for Nest products. It is a versatile and lightweight solution for low-powered devices.

At Nest, we believe the core technologies that underpin connected home products need to be open and accessible. Alignment around common fundamentals will help products securely and seamlessly communicate with one another.

Why use OpenWeave?

OpenWeave's features were driven by requirements Nest identified while building their ecosystem of products. Weave's encryption protocols are designed to fit the processor and memory constraints of today's IoT devices.

With OpenWeave, you can use the same best-in-class communications technology that the Nest family of products does.
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    Secure communications

    Weave security is independent of the underlying network. Every interaction between products, apps, and cloud services is secure.
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    Fast and reliable

    Weave products can talk directly to each other without relying on the cloud. Even if the internet goes down, or there is a power outage, Weave products can continue to work together.
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    Easy to connect

    Weave is as easy as scanning a QR code. It securely adds the new device to the device-to-device network. Then those devices help the new one connect to the internet.


Not only does OpenWeave implement Weave, but it includes a variety of features and tools that make building, deploying, and testing a Home Area Network (HAN) easy.

Happy Network Simulation Tool

Happy is a tool for lightweight orchestration of simulated network topologies. Use it to test network protocols and other distributed execution programs on a single Linux development machine without using IoT device hardware.

Multi-Platform Support

OpenWeave is supported by a variety of toolchains and targets, such as Linux, Mac, Windows, and embedded platforms. It also includes build scripts for Android and iOS.

Protocols and Profiles

OpenWeave is more than just trait management. It includes multiple protocols such as the Weave Web API for device-to-cloud interactions and Weave Reliable Messaging for device-to-device communications. Profiles such as Echo, Heartbeat, and Time Sync ensure the stability of the Weave fabric.

Test Scripts

Use the included suite of unit test scripts to automate testing of Weave functionality in your simulated IoT deployment. Or build your own using the Java, Cocoa, or Python bindings.

Better with OpenThread

OpenThread released by Nest is an open-source implementation of the Thread networking protocol. OpenWeave can run on top of OpenThread, taking advantage of Thread's reliable mesh networking and security. OpenWeave + OpenThread is a production-scale IoT solution that's second to none.


openweave.io is live!

May 2, 2018

Our new documentation site at openweave.io has launched. This is the companion site to the GitHub repository, featuring in-depth guides, tutorials, and reference material.

Happy Codelab released

Mar 15, 2018

Want to learn more about Happy, the network topology simulation tool used to test Weave products over IoT networks? Then try our Getting Started with Happy and Weave Codelab. You'll learn how to use Happy, as well as some basics of Weave.

Nest's Weave open sourced as OpenWeave

Sep 18, 2017

Nest has released OpenWeave, an open-source version of Weave. This initial release makes available some of Weave's core components. Preview the technology by inspecting the code, learning about the architecture, and understanding the security model. Also included is Happy, Nest's network topology simulation tool.

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