Get Started

Learn about Weave

Are you new to Weave? Check out our Weave Primer, which covers all the basics of Weave and how it works.

Simulate IoT networks

Want to learn how to simulate your own Internet of Things (IoT) network on a single Linux machine? Try our Getting Started with Happy and Weave Codelab. This Codelab shows you how to use the Happy network simulation tool to create simulated network topologies that can be used to test any kind of IoT deployment, including ones running OpenWeave.

Get the code

Already know what you're doing and want to get started with the code? Visit the OpenWeave GitHub site, where you can find the OpenWeave Core and Happy repositories, along with demo and example applications.

Platform support

OpenWeave supports a number of native and cross-compiled build targets for desktop, embedded, and mobile. See the Build guide for a list of targets and Device Layer for supported hardware platforms.

User guides

Need help with a specific task or feature? Our guides can help.

Category Contents
Build How to build and configure OpenWeave, learn about platform support and example apps
Profiles Application profiles available in OpenWeave
Tools How to manage your OpenWeave deployment
Test How to run tests and build your own

Reference documentation

Developing an application to run on top of OpenWeave? Check out the Reference documentation to see what OpenWeave services and platform hooks are available.

Get help or contribute

Have a question about OpenWeave? Want to contribute to its ongoing development? Our Resources page explains all the ways to get help, or to help out.