Weave Documents

Technical specifications, presentations, and white papers for Weave protocols and related functionality.

Document Description
Weave Architecture A high-level overview of the Weave architecture.

White papers

Document Description
Weave TLV Describes the motivation, rationale, and competitive analysis that went into the creation and definition of the Nest Weave: Tag Length Value (TLV) data representation format. In the competitive analysis, comparisons are made against alternative representations such as JSON, Google Protocol Buffers, ASN.1, EXI, Apache Thrift, and CBOR along a number of evaluation criteria.


Document Description
Using CDDL to Model Weave TLV Structured Data Describes a canonical translation for all documents encoded in Weave TLV format to and from their corresponding encoding as documents in the Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR).
WDM Next Protocol Describes the protocol and message format for the Weave Data Management profile.
Weave Application Keys Describes Weave application keys, a mechanism for generating, disseminating and managing shared symmetric keys in a Weave network.
Weave Battery Power Source Capabilities and Battery Power Source Trait Introduces the specification for a derived Weave Common trait that generalizes how any Weave device resource presents battery power source information common to any such device.
Weave Device Local Addressing and Routing Behavior Describes the expected behavior of a Weave device with respect to how it configures its network interfaces and network routing information in various situations.
Weave Digital Certificates Describes the format and operational semantics of the Weave Digital Certificate data structure.
Weave Message IDs Describes the format and use of Weave Message IDs.
Weave Message Layer Describes the format and operational semantics of messages exchanged in the Weave Message Layer.
Weave Pairing Codes Describes the format and use of pairing codes in Weave pairing.
Weave QR Code Format Describes the format and use of QR codes in Weave pairing.
Weave TLV Format Describes the Weave TLV (Tag-Length-Value) format.


Document Description
OpenWeave Pairing Describes the OpenWeave pairing design and process.
OpenWeave Security Describes the OpenWeave security design and implementation.