OpenWeave Device Layer

OpenWeave Device Layer (OWDL) is a platform adapation layer built into OpenWeave Core that implements the code necessary to integrate OpenWeave with multiple platform vendors. Users of OpenWeave develop applications using the SDK of their chosen platform and link in the OpenWeave Core library for all Weave functionality.

OpenWeave Device Layer Architecture

OWDL is available in OpenWeave Core at /src/adaptations/device-layer.

Header and template file includes are available at /src/adaptations/device-layer/include/Weave/DeviceLayer.

Supported platforms

OWDL is supported on the following vendor platforms:

Platform Name Device Layer Examples
Nordic Semiconductor nrf52840 Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 nRF5 openweave-nrf52840-lock-example
Silicon Labs ERF32MG12 Silicon Labs EFR32MG12 EFR32 openweave-efr32-lock-example
Silicon Labs ERF32MG21 Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 EFR32 openweave-efr32-lock-example
Espressif ESP32-DevKitC Espressif ESP32-DevKitC ESP32 openweave-esp32-demo
Espressif m5Stack Espressif M5Stack ESP32 openweave-esp32-demo


See Lock Example Application to learn how OpenWeave is used to demonstrate a connected door lock device. The lock example is supported for the nRF5 and EFR32 OpenWeave Device Layers.