Lock Example

The Lock Example application provides a working demonstration of a connected door lock device, built using OpenWeave and OpenThread. This example:

  • Supports remote access and control of a simulated door lock over a low-power, 802.15.4 Thread network
  • Can be paired into an existing Weave network along with other Weave-enabled devices
  • Has been adapted to the Nordic nRF5 and Silicon Labs EFR32 OpenWeave Device Layers.

The Lock Example is intended to serve both as a means to explore the workings of OpenWeave and OpenThread, as well as a template for creating real products based on supported platforms. The functionality is identical across all platforms.

For more information on the Lock Example, including the architecture, design, and how to get started, see the example repositories on GitHub.

Nordic nRF52840 Lock Example Silicon Labs EFR32 Lock Example