ApplicationGroupGlobalId Defines commonly used Weave Application Group global ids. 
ApplicationKeySupport Utility methods and definitions for working with Weave Application keys. 
HKDF Java implementation of the HKDF key derivation function, as defined in RFC-5869. 
PasscodeEncryptionSupport Utility methods for encrypting and decrypting passcode using the Nest Passcode Encryption scheme. 
WeaveCertificateSupport Support methods for dealing with Weave certificates. 
WeaveKeyExportClient Implements the client side of the Weave key export protocol for use in stand-alone (non-Weave messaging) contexts. 
WeaveKeyExportSupport Provides utility functions for testing Weave key export. 
WeaveKeyId Utility methods and definitions for working with WeaveKeyIds. 
WeaveSecuritySupport Weave Security Support  


WeaveSecuritySupportException General representation of an exception that occurred during an interaction with the Weave Security Support library.